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At Lion's Pride we understand how applying for health insurance can get a little overwhelming; that is why we are so passionate about being there to help you. We are honored to offer our services at absolutely no cost to you!

Our goal is to smoothly orchestrate the enrollment process by coordinating the many moving parts to your application. 

We have created this guide to help explain the steps of the insurance application process, and what you’ll need to do to participate. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, we are always ready to help by phone, text, email or office visit.



The first step is finding which plan will best fit your specific needs. With a little bit of personal information, we can create a customized quote that will show you the plans available in your preferred coverage level and price range. 

Many times, we can help find government tax credits that you may be eligible for, which can reduce your monthly premium price. Each year we review all of the provider’s plans to ensure you have the very best coverage to fit your lifestyle.  

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To get you a quote, we need:

1. Who you want covered on the plan & their birthdates

2. Your annual household income

3. Your zip code

4. What you want to pay in monthly premiums

5. Any medications, physicians or hospitals you want covered 



After you’ve selected your preferred plan, our agents will begin an application to the government regulated Marketplace. We will need to collect more information from you for the application process, such a social security numbers & premium payment methods; we will email you a pre-enrollment form to collect this information. Once you complete this form, we will submit your application for coverage. 

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Verification & Approval


The next step when applying for a Marketplace plan varies based on government verification standards per individual. Sometimes the applications are accepted and approved without the need of any verifying documents. Sometimes, the government will request proof of income, proof of eligibility (job loss, life event, etc), or proof of citizenship. You will be notified within 2 weeks if verification is required for your application.


Please email or fax us one of the following documents, so that we can submit verification of your income to the government:

-Pay Stubs
-1040 Tax Return
-W-2 and/or 1099s
-Unemployment benefits letter


If we are notified that citizenship verification is required for government tax credits, please send us a copy of:


-U.S. Passport

-Certificate of citizenship

-Birth Certificate AND state issued drivers license

Dirvers License image.png
Birth Certificate image.png
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The government wants to ensure that each person included on their insurance plans has a valid social security number. If they require proof you will need to submit one of the following documents:

-Social Security Card
-Pay Stubs
-1040 Tax Return
-W-2 and/or 1099s

Social Security Card image.png
Green Card image.png
Premium Payment


The final step is to make your first premium payment! Many of the providers will allow us to make the payment on your behalf; however, if additional verification has been requested, we may not be able to. For your convenience, we take your preferred payment method at the time of application, so we can pay the premium for you, if possible. If you receive a notification from the carrier informing you that a payment is required, you will need to go to their payment portal to make your first payment online.

Often you can set up automatic recurring payments for your premium during the initial payment process. If you do not receive that option, you may simply let us know that you’d like to be enrolled into an auto payment program & we can set it up for you.

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