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A Bit About Us

Lion's Pride Insurance started in 2019 when I saw how confusing and warped the insurance industry has become.
Insurance agents are normally paid on commission - the more policies they sell, the more money they make. Once a policy is in place, there is no incentive for an agent to continue to protect or help their clients navigate the sometimes confusing world of health and life insurance. The result: families get lost and aren't taught how to utilize the insurance they have to its fullest potential. For this reason, Lion's Pride Insurance was created - to be the solution to that problem.
Lion's Pride Insurance doesn't base our pay on the number of people we can convince to get a policy they may not need; instead, our pay is based on taking care of our clients long-term and doing the right thing for them.
Lion's Pride Insurance is one of the few agencies in Utah County with an active consultant's license. Most agencies only represent the companies or carriers that they work for; with a consultant's license, we can do things differently and truly represent our clients - doing what is best for them and their families.
Lion's Pride Insurance was created to simplify the process of getting insurance and the learning curve that comes with it. Each year, there are more and more changes within the insurance industry: we will be there to make sense of the bureaucracy with the goal of guiding our clients to better health, accident, and life insurance coverage.

-Tyler Moore, Founder and Owner

About Us


  • The worth of Family

  • The value of Service

  • To be Accountable and Trustworthy

  • To build a strong Foundation

  • To grow with Purpose everyday

  • To share Knowledge kindly


Remember, you are who you choose to be


Looking for something else?

We can still help you with our partners

Our agents are experts in insurance and can help with most of your financial protection needs. Sometimes you need an expert in weight loss, dentistry, or optometry. We can still help you. We have partners in almost every industry. We want to help you by giving you our best connections.


Our Team Members

Aubriana Larsen

Aubriana Larsen

Licensed Agent & Co-Owner

Processing Specialist

Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore

Founder, Principal Agent, & Co-Owner

Marketing Specialist

Geri Reynolds

Geri Reynolds

Licensed Agent

Member Success and Marketing Specialist

Tyler Green

Tyler Green

Licensed Agent

Member Success Specialist

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