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Can I Get Health Insurance While Unemployed?

The simple answer is yes. There are ways to have/get Health Insurance while unemployed or in between jobs, through COBRA, the ACA, or just a short term plan. We wanted to show you the benefits of these and other options that you have that may be able to fit your situation better. We hope this article may help you learn about the choices you have when it comes to health insurance.

Changes in a job can be stressful. Your healthcare doesn't have to be.

First, let's begin with COBRA or the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. COBRA Made it possible for people to buy coverage from their employer's group health plan. Employers with at least 20 employees must have this option for those who lose their jobs. Here are some of the circumstances that may trigger Cobra:

  • Job loss

  • Reduction in hours that cause a loss in coverage

  • Divorce or separation from a covered employee

  • The death of a covered employee

  • The employee becomes entitled to Medicare

  • The death of a covered employee

  • A dependent of a covered employee ceases to be a dependent under the terms of the plan

Pros: You get to keep your coverage.

Cons: The plan will be more expensive than it was previously under your employer.

With Lion's Pride Insurance, you and one of our agents can review your plan covered by COBRA and other comparable plans. That way you will have the best plan for your situation.

Second, ACA/Obamacare. Before the ACA (Affordable Care Act), health insurance was only affordable to those who were young and healthy. Insurers could deny you for pre-existing conditions.

ACA changed that and Insurers must accept you regardless of pre-existing conditions, saving you from high premium rates. ACA plans also have ten essential health benefits as part of their plans:

  • Care before and after a child is born

  • Preventative visits

  • Outpatient services

  • Emergency room visits

  • Inpatient care (care in the hospital)

  • Prescription drugs

  • Mental health and substance use disorder services

  • Lab services

  • Pediatric services, including oral and vision care

  • Rehabilitative and facilitative services

Pros: Plans offer ten essential health benefits

Cons: Can be expensive without government subsidies.

Combined with government subsidies ACA plans are very affordable and offer excellent benefits. Our agents can help find you an affordable policy, go over government subsidies, all while having your best interest in mind.

With the many options out there, take time to talk with an expert that can show you all your options.

ACA and COBRA can give you the coverage you need over a considerable period of time and may be found costly or expensive. If these are your concerns, perhaps a short term plan is what you are looking for in health insurance. Short term medical plans are perfect for in-between job situations, although they generally have low coverage and a high out-of-pocket. These plans do have low-cost premiums making them very affordable.

Short term plans are meant to fill the gap between your health insurance coverage until you find a long term plan suitable for you. Our agents would love to be the ones to walk you through and teach you the full advantages of a short term medical plan.

Pros: Low cost

Cons: High out-of-pocket, limited coverage.

Finally, there is Medicaid and Medicare. Whether or not you qualify for Medicaid is based on, your income, how old you are, and how many children you have.

Whereas Medicare, you may be eligible for if you are above the age of 65 regardless if you are ready to retire, or if you are a younger person with a disability.

If you can qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, you may find that some doctors do not accept these government programs. This is something to consider. Although, it is a tiny percentage of doctors who don't take these programs.

Pros: Very Affordable with a low out-of-pocket cost.

Cons: Must be able to qualify, and your current doctor may not accept these.

All of these are ways that you can find Health Insurance after losing or leaving a job. We hope this has shed some light on your situation and what you can do to find coverage.

If you're looking for a health insurance provider and have questions, feel free to contact us. If you decide any of these options are what you are looking for, we would love for one of our agents to work alongside you to find the best plan for you. We have agents who specialize in comparing programs offered by employers, COBRA, and the marketplace side-by-side.



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