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Simplified Health Coverage

There are so many questions that come up when you find out that you are pregnant. Not all of them are insurance related, but here are a few that are:

  • Can you get health insurance if you are pregnant?

  • What insurance is best for pregnancy?

  • What do you do if your pregnant and have no insurance?

  • Is having a baby covered by my insurance?

  • When to get pregnancy insurance?

We can answer these questions and many more.

Sarah didn't know how to get insurance after she lost her job but didn't think she needed to worry about it since she could get it through her husband's work. 

It would be another 3 months till they'd welcome their first child, a little baby girl. Astonished at the price ($800/month) of adding Sarah to her husband's work plan, they turned to us. They filled out one simple form and we found coverage they needed. She had no deductible, paid $16 per month, and only paid $600 for the delivery of their sweet little Chloe. 

Now Chloe's dad is fufiling his life long dream of opening up a bakery and we've been with them every step of the way. Giving them the best coverage, for the best price, without sacrificing quality of service provided to them. 

You too, can get coverage like them and stop letting insurance hold you back from your dreams. Simply schedule below

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