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Lion's Pride Insurance

Strangers are intimidating, we totally get it. We're scared of you too

(Just kidding...mostly).

*All information acquired through this form will be used for the sole purpose of offering health insurance products and ancillary policies upon request. No personal data collected will be sold to lead generators or shared with outside companies for any reason. This form will be utilized by Lion's Pride Insurance LLC alone and is safely and responsibly secure by all HIPPA and PPI laws, regulations and general courtesies.


The truth is, we are millennials, and our "phone phobia" is real. That existential dread of awkward phone conversations haunts us at times. While our job requires us to spend a good amount of time on the phone organizing your plan details, we try to use your preferred method of contact when passing info on to you.


Nobody wants a pushy salesperson hovering over you as you window shop, ick! In the spirit of social distancing and respecting your space, we've designed a contactless insurance quote where you can have custom insurance options professionally designed for your unique needs (sans hovering).


After you review your quote we'd love to answer all your questions and offer our professional advice. We want to do everything we can to support you in this decision. With that said, we also want to maintain a respectful distance, if that is preferred, and try to let you lead the mode of communication. 


After all, relationships are grown and delicately cultivated - not abruptly forced upon each other with pestering high-pressure sales tactics. This is an extremely important decision, and we promise to respect your timing.

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